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Autism Behavior Toolbox

The most recent addition to the Behavior Toolbox range of professional software programs.

This first edition is specifically designed to support teachers and their assistants in the classroom setting to manage the behavior of children with autism. Teachers will also find it an effective tool for working with parents in a truly collaborative manner and a wide range of people in mental health and healthcare will find it valuable in providing a good working knowledge of autism treatment. The concept of the Autism Behavior Toolbox continues in the same tradition as the Child and Adolescent Toolbox software where parameters based on age, context, and specific behavior return a range of research based intervention strategies. These can be further refined based on more detailed knowledge about the child and their environment. An optional bibliography can also be printed providing a comprehensive reading list.

The utmost care is being taken during the development of the autism edition to ensure the high quality of the Behavior Toolbox series is maintained. Research is continuous and no avenue is ignored in preference to speed. Population of the topics with intervention strategies is near completion and a number of users in education and mental health are trialing the product in their professional environments.

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The Toolboxes are used worldwide in education, mental health and healthcare supporting millions of children and adolescents. They are online products and access can be delivered to everyone on a license via a single email. They allow professionals to keep pace with the latest advances and help to focus valuable resource on intervention and outcome, not just assessment. They compliment all behavior programs and are not prescriptive.

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