Autism Behavior Apps for Parents and Families

The Autism Behavior Apps are designed to complement our professional and family on-line editions. They have significant and unique features and provide quick and helpful support based on high quality professional research.

The Focus
We chose challenging behaviors and social skills that parents frequently identify as being the most difficult to manage, and ones which can significantly impact the child’s independence. In addition there are a set of general strategies that serve as a background to the more specific areas.

The app allows parents to develop customized strategies based on the age of their child, the type of behavioral difficulty, and who needs the strategies (parents, grandparents, outside caregivers). For example, a parent can choose strategies for their 5 year old child who is going to be spending the weekend with their grandparents. They can also attach a note with special instructions such as bedtimes, food allergies or preferences, presence of any sensory issues or instructions regarding medications. A report can be generated within seconds. They can simply review the strategies on screen, save them to a pdf file and/or print them out. In the case of grandparents they can also send them a copy via text, email, or create a book.

The Apps are designed for use on both iPhones and iPads. Their primary intended user will be parents and families of children with autism spectrum disorder. A secondary audience will be professionals providing support to families. The goal is to provide behavioral strategies for managing some of the most challenging situations faced by children on the spectrum, particularly those which significantly impact independence


Our Apps are designed to allow fast access to the most relevant information together with great features to allow easy sharing.

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