Behavior and development solutions for children and adolescents around the world
Child Behavior Toolbox

Using the Child Toolbox is easy. Unusually there is a zero training requirement when used by education and mental health professionals, an important cost consideration when making the resource available to hundreds or thousands of individuals through a state, province or county license. Equally important is the ease of access which requires no set-up or assistance from system support. Once a username has been obtained access takes just seconds from any PC or MAC with Internet access.

CBT initial screen showing topics



The main screen is laid out to compliment professional skills within education and mental health to the maximum. With thousands of combinations to consider it is important to present an intuitive process to ensure accuracy and speed within a framework of concise and identifiable topics. Our constant challenge is to continue the development of the toolbox while retaining its ease of use.

Choosing the age of the child, the environment where the help is needed and the behavior or development issue is the only information needed. Selecting references is a purely personal choice.

CBT initial showing definition popup



To be certain of choosing the correct topic a definition is available in each case by clicking on the topic itself. As well as ensuring correctness this feature helps to overcome uncertainty.

CBT screen showing chosen strategies



Once the parameters have been selected the toolbox lists the appropriate intervention strategies which could number anywhere from 10 to 100, or more. The template allows Provider Information and Comments to be recorded while the report can be personalized to substitute the child name within the strategies. An All, None or Some column against the strategies allows the user to select appropriate strategies based on their professional knowledge and their knowledge about the individual and the surrounding circumstances so that the final selection can be used and promoted with confidence.

CBT screen showing sample print out



The final report can be printed for distribution or inclusion in a report, it can be saved as a text file or the content can be cut and pasted into another application for amendment or for addition to other information. Importantly, the results obtained from the Toolbox are not prescriptive, they can be amended to suit the circumstances or the style of the individuals involved.