It's important to us that the history of the Behavior Toolboxes together with the strategic development of the editions and the updating of the content is clear and transparent so that license holders can have confidence in the detail behind the screen. The quality, integrity and currency of the data behind the Behavior Toolbox Series is, without question, the most important element of the entire product range.

The History

Child Behavior Toolbox and Adolescent Behavior Toolbox are mature products and they form the backbone of the series. Their development over many years, their move from CD-ROM to online products and their regular updating defined the professional standard for the newer Autism and Family Editions.

Child Behavior Toolbox was first developed in a pediatric and outpatient and educational setting. There was a need for a comprehensive resource to be used in the active management of children with complex needs in the areas of behavior and development.

The Expertise

Dr David Erickson, a registered psychologist with more than 30 years experience, is responsible for the concept and the development of the Behavior Toolbox Series. His professional experiences have included working within community mental health, psychiatry and pediatric and adult rehabilitation. He provides consultation services to government, and his specific interests include social-emotional adjustment of children, adolescents and their parents and adjustment of children and adolescents with complex health care needs. A special interest has been in the spina bifida population and their care, including cognitive development, treatment and transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Dr Erickson sits on a government multidisciplinary review panel evaluating services for children with developmental disabilities, including autism. He is responsible for the strategic development of the Behavior Toolbox Series and the overall structure and clinical content of the individual products together with the day to day oversight, updating and upgrading to keep the toolboxes at the leading edge.

The R&D

Development of the Toolboxes follows a typical path to meet known needs of all child and adolescent facing professionals in education, mental health and healthcare and more recently, parents and families. Development is influenced from many places and for many reasons. Invariably it will be from a clinical or research source but it’s just as likely to come from a professional user. Selective mutism was a requested topic from an individual school psychologist in California and its inclusion was welcomed by many users who had been struggling with this behavior.

Autism Behavior Toolbox was a classic case where many factors made it an inevitable development decision. The level of support needed, particularly in education, the ever increasing number of cases per thousand population diagnosed and the government initiatives worldwide to research the problem and support those affected made it an obvious candidate. While there is a significant amount of research into causes and diagnoses the Autism Behavior Toolbox is the first complete resource to provide assistance, solutions and education at the front line enabling professionals to deal with active situations.

The five Toolbox Editions are updated on a regular and ongoing basis. Information gained, analyzed and verified is from experts working in their respective fields, suitably accredited organizations and institutions, clinical and research literature and clinical experiences.

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