Toolbox Licensing

Licensing the Behavior Toolbox software is the most cost effective way of ensuring that education and mental health professionals have access to the most current behavior management solutions.

Licensing is quick, easy and very cost effective.  It can be done through a single phone call or email and activated within the hour, or it can follow complex procurement requirements.  Either way, once the decision is made to incorporate the Toolbox benefits into the behavior structure of the organization, whether it’s a small counseling unit or an entire state, across education, mental health and healthcare, it becomes instantly available to everyone, 24 hours a day.

Pricing is designed to be the easiest part of the licensing process as the cost is just a few cents or pence per person per year and with licenses running for a minimum of 3 years it takes away the headache of renewal thereby allowing all professionals to develop a combined long term approach to solutions from the same expert information.

Click on your national flag below to see your country, state, province or regional pricing. If you are considering a mental health license, the license covers every mental health professional while an education license includes all teachers and other professionals specifically involved in behavior and development work. A combined license covers all professionals irrespective of the sector they work in.

Our largest customer has a license covering more than 50,000 professionals over 10 years. Their individual cost was less than a can of coke.

If your country flag is not shown, click anywhere on the map to see a general list.  Please contact us if you need specific pricing.

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Toolbox Editions are available in any language when associated with a Country License.

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